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How to Host a Successful Virtual Holiday Party

This year, many families are still celebrating the holidays apart, but that doesn't mean your virtual gathering can't be memorable!

You can gather with your loved ones online and still enjoy a wonderful feast, holiday festivities, and holiday cheer with your family. Hosting a virtual holiday party takes a little extra planning, but once you've set up, you can sit back and celebrate just as you would in person.

Here are some pointers to make your virtual holiday party a success!

Set Up Everyone's Platform Ahead of Time

Elderly relatives may need additional assistance figuring out how to connect to your platform. You could use Facetime, Zoom, or a whole slew of other platforms to host a large group of people at once.

A week or two before your online event, make sure everyone's accounts are all set up. Run a test call for practice! And don't forget a backup plan in case anyone experiences connectivity issues. Of course, make sure whatever platform you choose can host all your invitees.

Have Your Charger Handy

The last thing you want is to drop out of the call mid-dinner! Make sure your devices are fully charged beforehand. Also, keep an extra charger or set of batteries (depending on your device) handy so you can stay with your family throughout the evening. A friendly email reminder can help others do the same.

Cook Together!

Just because you're physically apart doesn't mean you can't whip up a storm in the kitchen! Schedule a call with some relatives early in the morning to prep your appetizers, meals, and special treats together. Sharing some recipes and making the same meals can make you feel even closer.

Remember to Take Pictures

You can take screenshots of the entire event to capture all the holiday memories despite the distance. The ability to take screenshots is often an overlooked feature, but is perfect for virtual parties. However, every device is different. For example, Apple products usually have a simple snapshot button while Android devices might require simultaneously clicking various buttons.

With a quick Google search, send your invitees instructions on how to take screenshots. Then after the event, ask everyone to share the pictures they took. And just like regular photographs, it might just be as difficult making sure no one's blinking!

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